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  • pjlouie13 pjlouie13 Dec 28, 2012 12:15 PM Flag

    Hey Sybs

    Come on Sybs, I'm not lazy. I always do my DD. But just like to throw ideas around and I'm always looking for stocks I might of missed. Ex: Huck with AZO, good short candidate and i wouldn't of noticed it if he didn't mention it.

    And your too early on CRM! They are going to run that up before it collapses. And with the ETFs (especially the X2 and X3) your are better off shorting the long ETFs than buying the short. Over time they F you.

    I agree with you with AMZN! - PJ

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    • 1. Sybil cant short in the Master Retirement Cash Account, so scam bear etfs are they only play for sybil.

      2. Sybil still doesnt give a rats ars about SAM, and iz in no mood to kick it around

      3. Hucks azo trade only served to be a fvck in distraction for sybil.

      4. Crm just did a blow off top. It hasnt made money nor will it before mkt armaggedon. Its an in debted pig ripe for shorting.

      Any other stupid comments?

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      • "huck's azo trade only served to be a fk in distraction for Sybil".

        A distraction from losing money on Amzn? Dont tell Huck you covered too early on the azo short either, Sybs. Gotta give a trade more than a few weeks to play out. Azo to 250 by end of 2013.

        Huck forgives your sharp tongue on azo rec. - after all, Amzn short has been frustrating. Don't fret, hucks here shorting this scam with increasing position - now you're in good company


      • Bummer about the MRCA..... but it could be worse, you could have Fidelity Mutual Funds as your only option.

        They were statements. So " Any other stupid statements?" would be more correct.

        And yes one question: can market armageddon start during a QE pump or does Fed involvement have to stop before it gets ugly? Seems like they can keep this afloat as long as the Fed is on a free money kick. - PJ

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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