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  • brucetheharmonicaguy brucetheharmonicaguy Jan 6, 2013 9:07 PM Flag

    Analysts, please explain to me...

    Why does AMZN keep going up, when all your analysis says it should go down? Is it possible your analysis is faulty, or is there some bizarre conspiracy?

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    • The big boys are playing the MOMO junkies and it will become clear soon enough. Price is not truth... just a short to medium term measure of mass psychology and herd mentality. I encourage all of you smack talking longs to add significantly here, say 20-25%. The trapped institutions would very much appreciate it...

      My analysis is not faulty. The analog business is an accounting scam (not fraud, just poor understanding of the cost drivers and economic potential). Amazon's model was well suited to the past, not the future. TGT, WMT, and COST are all better positioned.

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      • To be clear, Amazon will continue to grow revenues, but only because it it willing to lose money in the process. It will become clear this year that Amazon's profitability issue is not the result of very high levels of investment, but rather some fundamental business model flaws that derive from the cost drivers. Amazon knows this. It's why it dropped monthly Prime and why it began financing 3P vendors...

        I'm just waiting for the day somebody like Gov. Rick Snyder says either you collect tax in our state, or we (via all state and local pension funds) divest any Amazon related assets. All it takes is one smart Governor (and Rick is very smart) and a tsunami will follow. State revenues go up, local purchases go up, velocity of money in the local economy goes up (further reinforcing the positive impact on state sales tax). Only Amazon loses. Pretty solid move for all other parties...

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