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  • tammigreen87 tammigreen87 Jan 7, 2013 11:00 AM Flag

    With a 3,150 P/E

    PE is backwards looking. PE provides little insight as to the direction the company is going in. This is a growth stock. In other words people are not buying based on today's fundamentals rather what the potential of the company is. The growth for AMZN is huge. They are on a path to be a retailer of a size that it is hard to fathom. They already are a giant and everything is showing that this behemoth will only grow much larger at a rapid rate. AMZN's PE of today means nothing to where this company is going. Investing based on PE is very dangerous. I know of several single digit PE companies that are in big trouble. AMZN is healthy and branching out in so many areas.
    Look at the potential of a company and how aggressive they are and successful in growing the business.
    I hope I helped answer your question. Unfortunately, I do not hold any shares of AMZN. But as of last year I started to make almost all of my on-line purchases from them. Before then I had used them many many years ago (mid 90's) for movie purchases on VHS. A year ago I became aware of what this company sells. Everything! At great prices! With much ease! With great customer service! A winning combination. Also I probably buy (food excluded) 90% of all my purchases on line and whatever I need it seems can be found on AMZN as easy as going to a vendor specific website.

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    • The assumptions you parrot are not facts as you imply. You will be nowhere to be found after this stock finally establishes a reasonable P/E for a retailer like Walmart, albeit a poor comparison. Walmart, after having been public for 15 years was doing so much better than Amazon has for its first 15 years. All these assumptions are not to be believed. If MS had any credibility, they would have to answer why Amazon has not yet established this predicted world wide presence that will help them grow enough to justify anything resembling the P/E of the present. For many years, the "experts" have been saying it does not matter what the current lack of earnings, becuase things will get better, I promise...... All they are doing is manipualating (until they stop and sell never to be heard from again or have to explain their stupid predictions). They do not deserve their enormous pay and bonuses. They are only self serving.

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    • I just need one question answered. How will AMZN ever increase its profit margin?? I don't think they will be able to increase prices becuase as soon as they do, the consumer will go to the cheaper online retailer!! Wall street continues to favor AMZN. All negatives are ignored.. period. One day the music will stop...I just don't know when.

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    • how about 31,500 P/E , 10 times of now !! is it still ok ?
      just say "it is growing"?

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      • The best and most successful fund managers never invest based on PE. Most do not even look at it. They analyze the business models. The legendary investors are not "lucky" when they ride the great growth stocks in America's history. Yet the little retail investor gets so bent out of shape when they see this number as if some injustice was done to them. You really have to laugh. You can read posts from the inception of this stock at $1.50 a share split adjusted and they were obsessing over the same nonsense. Many of the greatest stock investments were made in stocks that had a higher PE than AMZN. That's right, investing in companies that had no PE at all. Companies that could not even turn a profit. And no these companies were not start ups either.

    • Thanks for the reply, very informative.

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      • Your welcome Mjjk1.
        I do not understand why people are giving me thumbs down for expressing my satisfaction with AMZN's services. I like being their customer and will continue until some other entity comes along and can provide me better service and prices. If you shop you will understand why they have so many customers and their sales are growing rapidly. If they were doing a bad job would their business be growing so rapidly.

        I do not own this stock nor am I recommending a position long or short.
        I suspect that the people who gave me a thumbs down are betting against the stock and are angry that they are losing money. I am sorry for you but I do not dictate share prices nor do I care about them Rather than be angry go find a stock you can make money in whether on the long or short side. Regarding this company they are growing tremendously. Gambling, which you do when you short a stock (you have no investment) is a dangerous thing to do and it appears to me the people who have been doing this over the years can not have done well. Anyway good luck to all.! :):) :)

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