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  • mjjk1 mjjk1 Jan 7, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    With a 3,150 P/E

    Thanks for the reply, very informative.

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    • Your welcome Mjjk1.
      I do not understand why people are giving me thumbs down for expressing my satisfaction with AMZN's services. I like being their customer and will continue until some other entity comes along and can provide me better service and prices. If you shop you will understand why they have so many customers and their sales are growing rapidly. If they were doing a bad job would their business be growing so rapidly.

      I do not own this stock nor am I recommending a position long or short.
      I suspect that the people who gave me a thumbs down are betting against the stock and are angry that they are losing money. I am sorry for you but I do not dictate share prices nor do I care about them Rather than be angry go find a stock you can make money in whether on the long or short side. Regarding this company they are growing tremendously. Gambling, which you do when you short a stock (you have no investment) is a dangerous thing to do and it appears to me the people who have been doing this over the years can not have done well. Anyway good luck to all.! :):) :)

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