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  • nemesis_editor_2007 nemesis_editor_2007 Jan 9, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    Bezos: It's Not About Profit

    Yeah, it's about taking Amazon shorts to the cleaners. Again, and again and again!

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    • actually that is what its about. This company is a front for a boiler room operation. Bezos knows all the .bomb tricks and is using them daily:

      bogus vaporware press releases every day
      smoke and mirrors accounting information were bad is now good and profits don't matter
      coke induced blodget analyst speak that upgrades the firm at bubble level highs

      Bezos is the best .....he could sell jockstraps to girlscouts.

      but thats why the markets have short destroy pyramid type operations and eliminate companies that should be shuttered. If SEC doesn't do its job, eventually the shorts will. Shorts thin the herd so that the market stays healthy.

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