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  • quit_is_my_middle_name quit_is_my_middle_name Jan 9, 2013 5:41 PM Flag


    That is easy to write. The issue with Amazon is their CEO does not want to be profitable. He has stated so in the past. He just wants the world's biggest company. So is it worthwhile to invest in Amazon? Maybe....

    At some point Jeff might step down and when that happens new management will finally stop spending money. And this PE of 3000 could easily drop to realistic numbers.

    To value a 60 billion dollar company as though it is only a hundred million dollar company would be absurd. But maybe in the long term Amazon can prove it is worth 300/share.

    In my opinion, NO. Then again I'm looking at 10 years from now. And I see it making $20 a share.

    I think there is too much hype, and it will deflate. This is a stock at a price that is such a gamble that everything goes perfectly for a decade.
    I could see betting on amazon if it was $150. And holding it for a long term. But this valuation in my opinion is based purely on hoping some bigger idiot will buy your position for more.

    Good luck to all the idiots, and I hope there will be bigger idiots to make you rich.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • "And I see it making $20 a share."

      Given all the conditions, AMZN will never make $10/share. I hope you realize this company struggles to make $2/share...and you can see it make $20? Really????

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      • What will do this company in iz its heroin like addiction to needing cash infusionz to support money losing growth. It will default on its bonds, and the issuerz MS and GS will smell the blood in the water and they will transform from pumperz looking for the greater fool into bond bully sharks to attemt to get 50 or 60 cents on their bond debt issue dollar. That alobe will leave the common stock holder with a seven cent / share stock and a class action lawsuit that might get them another 2 cents/ share if they are lucky.... Amzn iz a dot bomb company and an enron rolled into one hot tomale.

      • what consequence came from the end of ka-ka-kabooom?

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