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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Jan 9, 2013 7:08 PM Flag

    Weak handed shorts and crackhead put buyerz are being digested like a rat going through a snake

    These guyz are gonna be fully digested and shiet out by monday. Food iz getting scarce though and there will be no place for this stok to go but down at a shockingly fast pce.

    The jig iz up after the 2000 and 2008 busts... Anybody with any sense (which includez all but the retarded and insane), look at analysts 'upgradez' and the market gamez laughs at the fvck in joke they are. Theze finance guyz are calling playz from a worn out beat playbook. Cnbc and bloomberg yakity yaks are discovered to be completely misguided and irrelavent... The financial markets az a whole, inspite of their insanely high levelz manufactured by ben and tim, have never been looked on by the general public with such suspicion and disdain. This iz the price being paid by printing moral hazard for thoze idiots that were 'too big to fail' while nobody paid the consequence for irresponsibility.

    Stay tuned, kidz. It wont be long before the markets get reeeeeaaallly ugly while bernanke iz hog tied with an aapl in hiz mouth, and congress points fingurez on live tv with the dow ticker sitting in the top right hand corner dropping 400 to 800 points per day in real time az theze idiots bicker and grand stand... Sybil will just kick back and laugh sybs ballz off.

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    • "These guyz are gonna be fully digested and shiet out by monday."

      Yeah, they'll get cleaned soon, but you will be diegested thoroughly eventually, too. In a few months, you will be envying them for quiting sooner.

      Bwahahahaha . . . .

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      • Geegee pipes up with the voice of the few idiots and retardz left. He'z not much help to the pumper cauze thoughbecause he haz no money, only paper trading bets and hind sight 'critital' price levelz. To geegeez dissapointment, sybil hasn't covered and wont cover any material amounts, save a swing trade or to, until this pig stok prints 140 and lower.... Its just around the bend. Keep your eye on the ball, dummiez, because when it dumps it will be moving very fast.

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