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  • techinvestor75 techinvestor75 Jan 10, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    What the heck is happening today?? Anyone?? Why the drop?

    Is this MM manipulation? I'm knee deep in ITM calls after the upgrade on Monday and was planning to hold into earnings.

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    • Apparantly the call optionz buying crackheadz currently out number the scam put option buying crackheadz, but have no fear for both types of crackheadz will be murdered tomorrow az the robots exact maximum pain out of you broke dieck idiots... It happenz ever week, every month, every quarter and every leap. You crack head optionz trading foolz spend your money on expensive premiumz only to lose 70% of it consistantly. You idiots are dumber than suicide bomberz, at least thoze idiots dont publicly announce the date and time they blow themselvz up AND they get 21 virginz where you foolz get robo diecked in the ars with no grease.... Too funny. It happenz like clock work too.... Fido, world cap, MS, and GS can set their watchez by you idiot's crack habit your so predictable.

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      • Sybil, normally I no longer read your posts. Stopped doing so way back on the NFLX board in 2010, but I must say I read this one and am glad I did. The statements you made could not be any truer. This is by far the best and most factual post by anyone I ever read. You options players should read this several times and then reconsider ever buying a put or call on AMZN ever again. Once again read this post very carefully because what Sybil describes has happened every week for the roughly 2 1/2 years I have followed this stock. And when they relieve you of your money every week, they laugh their balls off and go out and have a fine steak with a nice bottle of Merlot.

    • A P/E of over 3100 and you're asking why it's DROPPING

725.898+10.278(+1.44%)3:55 PMEDT