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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Jan 11, 2013 7:05 AM Flag

    Hmmmmmm.... Wonder whats gonna haapen today?

    will we put in a 6 year high and reach thoze lofty 6 year highs of 2007 before we rolled over into a crash? Where the 2007 high in the scam stok market waz manufactured by derivatives, easy money low interest rates and bad credit, this stok market high iz manufactured by easy money derivativez, and bad bond debt.... The common threadz:

    Derivativez: wall street hasnt changed - no moral hazard or incentive to do so theze wall street guyz are still diecks and continue to make crackhead bets with other peoplez money. In fact - the king of brokering derivativez , the ICE, iz set to take over the NYSE and the entire globe of exchangez; and tge cboe haz never done better with the advent of weekly optionz scamz.

    Fed induced Easy Money: interest rates have never been held artificially lower

    The difference:

    the bad bubble credit cycle of 2007 haz been monetized by the fed / treasury into a bad bond debt cycle. State revenuez have never been lower against never higher debt burdenz. Corporate bond applicants and the bone head issurez are in a frenzy of issuing bonds that exceeds lake of disclosure of the no doc housing loan for the no doc immigrant land scaper to buy a 5000 sq foot mcmansion in 2006. Ex: amzn, without hassle, vetting, or verification to pay it back, waz recently issued 3 b-b-billion dollarz of bond debt at a low interest rate with a high corporate bond rating. Their are many more examplez of rediculpus corporate, muni, and state bond issuez that are A rated or better that dont have a chance in heeeeeeeellllllll of being paid back.

    Because this cycle iz built on bad, supposedly 'secured' bond debt, the impending crash iz gonna be much much worse and get veeeeerrrrry ugly. The fed / treas (4th unelected branch of gov't called The Financial Branch) will be hog tied by the BOND BULLIEZ with their 50 cal vulcan machine gunz laying beside them with no amo left to take any action. The BOND market world of finance iz the whole ars of finance, while the credit market that failed in '08 iz just a zit on that big ol ars of finance... This next crash will be MUCH worse.

    In the end the results will be the same: the few getting richer and a pass on jail time, while the many get fvck ed in the ars, lose their jobs, their prepaid government servicez and 'entitlements like SSI and medicare, and their stok 'invetment' coin in the face of massive uncontrollable inflation.

    Get ready, kidz because when the party iz over and the punch bowl dry, we are gonna go 'greek' biatchez.... Going greek iz not an easy thing, that meanz joe citizen lozez 90% of what he haz.... Have you learned how to fix thingz, hunt, and grow food? Do you have access to clean drinking water? Going to the fuedal system will be a harsh change for many... Sybs cant even say that sybs iz ready for it, but will not be surprized when it happenz.

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    • bond yields on the 10 yr are near 1.90 %, the upside limt area for the last year. Most of Bernake's Operation Twist buys are now underwater in this time frame. Normally, 1.90 % would seem low, however, when you are carrying close to $3 trillion of debt on the Fed balances sheet with increased duration due to Twist, going to from 1.56 % low ind Dec 2012 to 1.90 % now becomse a bigger deal, it's a rate hike on the long end. I suspect the Fed starts to pie hole this rate down be/c the losss holdings are growing. That's what they have done the past. It's essential that interest rate spikes stay lower and lower as their balance sheet bloats out with bigger and bigger balances due to QE. So I suspect we'll start to hear the yapping from them ot makes sure interest rates won't spke past this big resistance area and give them a big loss carry. We'll see you can pull up a 10 yr gov't yieild chart and see. What event gets them to lose control is not known at this time yet.

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