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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Jan 12, 2013 5:33 PM Flag

    "Again, you conflate short term price movement with fundamental economics" not al all: the trend has been up since 2000

    just look left to right on the peformance of the stock and anyone can realize that it's my no means short term price movement but a longterm Secular Trend. It's your "interpretaion" that it's short term when, by all measure, that isn ot the case. And you've decided that trend is ending when it hans't : which is why thep put values you bought from last Summer have withered away: the trend has remanined intact and not changed whatsoever. It's you who keeps saying its' going "reveal itself" while the trend is as strong as ever: a trend that's lasted about as long as AMZN has been a traded compnay on the Nasdaq outside the Nasdaq crackup of 2000. That's not a interpretation by me, it's shown in the longterm trend performance.

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    • The stock won't go down much because Jeff owns 83,000,000 shares and has the American Funds as a partner. The only way this stock will collaspe if company like Sands Capital decides to sell shares bookd gains then you have the domino effect. Rigged stock situation. Jeff Bezos is brilliant used to be a hedge fund manager.

    • I never held a short or put position until Amazon hit 240. I rode it from 240 to 180 in 2011. I came back in over the summer. Amazon's economics have continued to degrade. The big institutions were trapped in long positions and have managed to take her up while they distribute. Keep buying...

      Most analysts conflate more growth of mobile with an increase in Amazon's profitability. In reality, Amazon's profits are no different when a product is ordered via PC than a tablet or phone. It's all a bunch of hype... The unit economics that matter are driven by other things...

      Like all bubbles, this will end badly. The humorous part is there is almost no aspect of Amazon's business has increasing returns to scale and huge margins that did offer some justification for the bubblicous valuations of the tech boom.

      We are different pal. I focus on real economic returns. Not speculative momentum investing. As i said, unless and until the longs let these scams go, trust will not return and capital will not come back into the market. At some point, they'll realize it and when they do, there is no bottom here...

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