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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Jan 16, 2013 7:39 AM Flag

    pumperz: do you got your vasiline ready?

    you have had 6 trading dayz of advance notice:

    Rember sybs prediction, kids... It waz posted eeeeaaaarly last week...

    Per the wordz of Jim Morrison "this iz the end my friend".... We close lower today, infact we close below 270 sybs guessez, despite possibly putting in a new intraday high... More importantly it iz tge beginning of a LARGE SCALE rollover...


    today (1/8) : about close here with a small red bar ...... True

    Tomorrow (1/09) a doji to the 269 area, with a small green bar close.... True

    Thursday (1/10) : again a doji - little change..... True

    Friday (1/11): a small red bar or small geern bar close little change..... TRUE

    Saturday (1/12): flat extraordinary low volume : TRUE

    Sunday (1/13): flat extraordinary low volume: TRUE

    Next monday (1/14) : a 260 ish close on high volume.... THE JURY IZ OUT ON THIS ONE, READ ON ... Per the 'PJ CHALLENGE' if sybil iz wrong on the 1/15 and beyond 'beginning of the end' call then sybil must head over to the asylum this weekend and jerk nasdaq_6000 and geegee off in a circle jerk. If the trading gods were ever to support old sybs in an hour of need - today would be that time, for jerking theze two idiots off will be quite humbling and humiliating for sybs.

    Next tue (1/15): the beginning of the end - TRUE

    Next wed (1/16): very, very bad day for the pumperz - TBD ????

    The senario - how and why this will play out to sybil's call.

    The squuueeeeze : from 218 to 258

    The gap: yesterday from 258 gap up to 262 and close at 269

    The trap: margin callz due for all levered week handed shorts, and crackhead put buyerz get murdered (on friday)

    Its a squuueeeeeze, gap n trap kids: classic ... A very easy short trade.

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    • personally, sybs a little dissapointed and would rate this a thumbs down... Sybs expectation was 258 ish.... Not that sybil waz planning on covering any, but What do you think?

      Click thumbs up if you think today was a bad day for pumperz

      Click thumbs down if you think sybs call waz a bad one snd you think sybil should fail the PJ challenge and jerk geegee and nasdaq_6000 off at the asylum all weekend.

      "Next wed (1/16): very, very bad day for the pumperz - TBD ????"

    • Don't worry Sybs, I'm not concerned if you can call the exact score of the game, I want to see if you can predict the winner with the spread.

      This is about your gap n trap call. I still think your right but off a few days. It looks like they are looking to kill all the Jan puts like they did with the Dec puts. If this is about killing the Jan calls there needs to be a hard down day not this #$%$ 1% pull back. Tomorrow would have to be that day and it would require a quick drop to 265 with a failed test at 266ish and a close at the low of the day ( maybe Ebay fails to maintain momentum and sells off with this going along for the ride?) Next week should be the real roll over....right up to earning. - PJ

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

502.13-34.13(-6.36%)Feb 5 4:00 PMEST