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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Jan 17, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    is is "pumping" when you merely ridicule someone going into an earnings report with 13,000-15,-0000 but won't address AMZN to 300?

    that's another $450,000 of losses for this clown if happens but he turns to what "pumpers" are. That's enough of exposing this clown for the day.

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    • I've never mentioned the size of my stake in AMZN, only when I buy or sell and for how much. It isn't relevant how many shares someone buys. I doubt if Sybil is legit, because anyone smart enough to have as much money as Sybil would need to have probably wouldn't be stupid enough to make the kind of trades Sybil says he does. Besides, Sybil never impressed me as being particularlyu intelligent.

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    • Of course, as you know, he doesn't actually have any short position in AMZN.

      He would have to be worth $10 million or more to have a short position that big...

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      • Wroooong philjoe.... Sybil haz over 3 mil of marginable equity sitting in the Master Margin Account douchbag... Its marginable down to 35% equity, which gives sybs 9 mil of fire power.... It sux being poor and homeless after sandy washed your nyc rent controled tenament down the hudson... Fear not, congressional approved funding iz on its way and you still have cell service and a low end 'smart phone' with which to post to the boardz and a good fire pit under the tapanzee bridge to keep you warm.... The pickingz in plainfield's trash iz good becauze lots of rich people live their and toss out perfectly edible grub.... So life isnt too bad, no?

      • It is dangerous to call "Sybil" a fraud. Those on Chipotle board found that out when Sybil sick'd the trading gods on them. "Skiidady" is still mending his wounds.

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      • as I've stated:
        1.) He's either the most reckless trader going into earnings with countless wrong predictions holding 13,000-15,000 shares bought much lower: And AMZN could easily see $300 which woul put him under another $450,000 if it was real. Where's the stops? lol OR-

        2.) a huge liar but becomes borderline fraudulant as the guy is posting trading tickets on the board and trying to sway and tell people to short AMZN since 215. That may be against the law if they are fake.

        Either way trust at your own risk as he's shown himself to be an utter and complete #$%$ since coming here at $215/share. Putting tickets up might even be criminal if they are fake. I don't know. The guy won't address the risk of what keeps a happening against his calls. Good night for now.

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