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  • ajmanieri ajmanieri Jan 19, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    What top line revenue number does AMZN need . . .

    to post say - 27% yoy - quarterly revenue growth, anyone know?

    tough stock to game as many know, kinda like CRM - all revenue no margins - but heavily held and all about the future and growth.

    the new normal, transports to the roof, basic materials stuck in the mud for almost 2yrs., infrastructure crumbling, but consumer still consuming and boxes still being delivered . . . maybe need a few bridges collapsing before the new normal adjusts . . .

    can't believe this has a beta under 1 either . . .

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    • On the summary page, you'll see a link to financials. Look at the income statements and go to the quarterly view. There you'll see that AMZN's 2011q4 rev was $17.4 billion. A 27% increase puts 2012q4 rev at $22.1 billion.
      If they miss this, watch out.

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      • It's interesting to note that GOOG "soft pedal" on their revenues and EBAY provided a cautious outlook.

        With taxes going up, uncertainties abound, and a year of big revenue growth, I think the law of the large numbers will kick in and AMZN will provide a tepid guidance even if they beat the odds last quarter.

        All around me, folks are moving away from shopping on AMZN due to sales taxes. I know for sure that's the case for us. There are plenty of great online places without sales taxes. There is no need for AMZN for us.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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