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  • akarmatz akarmatz Jan 19, 2013 5:49 PM Flag

    amazon bankrupcty

    i am betting very big that amazon will file for bankruptcy in the next 5 years.remember this post

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    • You'll lose your money. Remember when AMZN went from over 100 to $6? They didn't go bankrupt then, JB is way too smart for that. I guess you think you're smarter than JB. If so, where are your billions?

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    • somebody making up multiple ID's a day. Think I'll step back until this clown is driven away. Probably related to the Sybil, Singhlion,ex_goldbug team: "Lion Braodcasting " think the name was. Add to that the aye! guy with stock_lol (same guy) and Dowto6000 multiple ID's and you can have 3 people talking amongst 20 ID's lol! pathetic.

    • Im here at midnight because the same thing just hit me, I dont see how they make it longterm other then selling stock. No position but thinking hard about it.

    • Interesting...I had not paid much attention to the scenario where if economy stalls a bit, retails drop (higher taxes this year for everyone and uncertainties) , and with AMZN having no real cushion.

      I guess AMZN could head south in a real hurry if retail takes a dip this year. They do have massive fixed cost now...much different from when they were just a book seller.

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    • Five yearz may be too generous, sybil subtracts 3 yearz and sayz that amzn along with many many companiez, munis, and counties, will be filing bankruptcy in record defaults by way of bond easy money void of moral hazard bond debt default.... Why? unsustainable debt loads masked by massive qe that carries no care or consideration because it will be faceless public money that iz defaulted on. If a credit crisis of private wealth can generate an occurance like that of 2008 with a fed that iz able to respond then imagine what can happen with a bond crisis of faceless public money with a weakened fed unable to respond? This iz the heavy price thst could be paid for what sybil viewz az irresponsible money printing continued 'for extended periodz of time'. There are no free lunchez, you can eat like a pig for a while but eventually the waitress showz up with the bill, and if you dont pay it then you get fvck ed up by the cookbthat ownz the dive.

    • highly unlikely that amzn goes bk... they call always raise prices. sure there rev growth will go bye-bye and stock price will tank... but they will be profitable. look, i think amzn is way over-valued, but give it some credit. it has a large customer base that is happy. they won't all disappear if amzn raises prices across the board.

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      • The problem is once the sharks sense a weakness, they will want to feast on AMZN (or anyone else for that matter), one way or another. If AMZN does not have enough cash, they will be feasted.

        I'm sure AMZN contracts contain material adverse clauses, and they get triggered and cause a situation to snowball out of control...

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    • $5B can desappear with only few bad qters..... Bags don't realize that with such thin margins, big lossses could happen in ant qters.... and when it will begin... it won't stop....

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