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  • pjlouie13 pjlouie13 Jan 22, 2013 11:52 PM Flag

    Sybs..SAM on hold but...


    Decided not to short SAM as it held gains after earnings and my guess continues to increase in price until a fat pe of 50 is reached. But if your looking for some quick coin waiting for AMZN to roll over look at DDD. Got a tiny bit at 71 today better short than CRM in the short term. - PJ

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Pj,

      For the 5th time. Sybil haz an existing book of tradez that are sanctioned by the powerful trading gods. Sybs doesnt give a rats ars about SAM or any other shorts in your trade book. Sybs will not look at it, study it, or be generating a thesis on it, dummy.

      Now on that note and in general: all stox and markets are a worthless scam designed to transfer wealth from the many to the few az efficiently az possible. The value of any stok iz simply what the bot or the idiot on the other end of the wire will pay you for it at any given point in time monday-friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm est, excluding holidayz, and makes a BIG assumption that the markets are functioning properly without ckt breakerz, lock up of trade platformz, and jammed phone linez az everyone rushez to get out in the same milisecond without a bid......

      So have at it dude, theze markets are on very very thin ice. The only thing that sybil and any other shorts have to worry about iz that the idiot brokerz, market makerz, and bot having institutionz execute and honor the lowly retailerz buy to cover tradez... It seemz that there are 'claw backs' of good tradez in this phat phingured phlashy crashy world of bot driven stock exchangez.... That iz a very real concern of sybs for the mucho money sybil haz outside of FDIC insured accounts.

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