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  • bobbyvesco bobbyvesco Jan 23, 2013 6:31 PM Flag

    Cramer Grasso pumping AMZN

    Cramer how's that dltr pan working out Grasso money out of AAPL into AMZN oh yeah lets cover our
    monster loss by investing in this sure thing these guys are on TV for a reason...if they were really good
    you would not know of them am I wrong here??

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    • "if they were really good you would not know of them am I wrong here??"

      No you are not wrong... Recorded History iz your friend here... Cramer:

      Pumped the dot bust in 2000 and failed hiz hedge fund to the point were he had to give up hiz business and become a cnbc lap dog emoyee and carnival barker

      Pumped banks in '07 and all the way into the '08 rollover to the point were he recommeded bear sternz hourz before it went to 0

      Gave hiz famous rant followed by a 'GET OUT ' panik face in the camera lenz in nov '08

      Followed that up with a 'if you need money in the next 5 yearz then stay out of the markets' said at the very bottom of feb of '09

      And now he has been pumping stx for the last 120 points of the s&p and telling people to ' get in the game'

      You are not wrong, and neither was john stuart for calling him out on national tv for the bozo that he is....

      After the comming crash, cramer wont qualify as a greeter at walmart.

    • I like Amazon too, but I like the China Amazon (DANG) better. I remember when I bought Amazon at $10 share and no one believed they'd succeed. That's how I feel about DANG. It's like taking candy from a baby. With their billions of people, many making it into the middle-class, well, let's just say they like to shop even more than we do:)

    • They are robot followers. Works as long as the MOMO tide is in. Doesn't work the other way. Bet they have been selling out secretly to the bagholders. Pumps are distribution tricks--don't forget it. This is musical chairs, boys and girls.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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