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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Jan 25, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

    by the way ex-goldbug ? how do your "put spread" do riding them from the low 200's?

    and same the thing over and over as the stock puppet for Sybil? afterall, you stayed short a good deal at 220 telling your buddy to hold on for more downside? how does that work in the making of money for yourself? your'e notthing but clown .

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    • Keep it up nasdaq. Ask skiidady about my put spreads in Chipotle last year. You are channelling Skiidady perfectly. Are you 100% sure the earnings report will support a stock with a 3,200 PE ratio? Why are you so sure? I would rather be a put holder than a call holder in a 3200 PE stock. Your bullishness seems totally foolish given this valuation. This is my opinion. This is America, and we are allowed to give our opinions. i do not challenge your right, why do you challenge Techstrategy's, Sybil's, coinmakers, or mine. You seem pretty intolerant.

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      • you've gotton killed with them over months and months yet keep comparying to Chipolte. You can talk all about Skidaddy? I'm talking about that you need a bigger and bigger down move as AMZN gets farther and farther away from you on the upside. And yes I'll keep it up idenfitying you as a #$%$ I don't challenge your right to say anyting: I only challenged Sybil's tickets if they are fake: b/c that's against the law to recreate. Now you can go back to comparing AMZN to Chipolte like you have the last 4-6 months. And how I'm a Skidaddy recreation. idiot.

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