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  • sfvip sfvip Jan 29, 2013 7:33 PM Flag

    Besos is laughing all the way to the bank

    This has become idiotic no matter what they report stock goes up, does not work that way forever

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    • And if/when he decides to make a one-way trip to the Space in his new hobby-vehicle, the anal-yeasts will upgrade it even more I'm sure, declaring: AMZN is now saving CEO's salary ... so it must be good for another 10-15B rise in market cap!! Heck, one by one all their employees will also make such trips ... lets make the market-cap 2 Trillion dollars, :-), and with their loss/qtr of only 1-2B only, in the name of revenue growth, it will only take 2000 or so years, to break even and generate real +ve eps; at least the present shareholders' 60th level grandkids then would be able to recoup the benefits. But hey, what is 2-thousands years in Cosmological scale? Nothing, right? so have patience for their promised-non-GAAP revenue to result into micro-block-buster profits, with their hidden-brick-and-mortar model, with savings of customer-restrooms to boot! LoL! :-)

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      • Looks like he might be taking daily trips to the bank now ... selling like there is no tomorrow. LoL! :-)This AMZN is the market's ugliest-duckling right now to hold in your hand as a stock. The bubble-height that it gained is from the most shameful of MMs' manipulations and shenanigans. Now the gullible, small Joes of the street started suffering because of anal-yeasts'"almost fake" upgrades after earnings IMHO. Any wise investor with an iota of logical-capacity still left intact in his brain could see it! The suffering of weak-herd on the long-side has just started here now... it has a long way to go down from these levels.

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