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  • ling.chen ling.chen Jan 29, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    Amzon will be no longer a growth company

    Its revenue growth become smaller and smaller. In another 2-3 quarters its growth will be lower than 20% year over year. Some of the mutual funds will dump Amzon. That's the reason that Apple stock went down.

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    • No. It is not the reason AAPL stock went down. Apple's decline had NOTHING to do with fundamentals, just as Scamazon's ascent has nothing to do with fundamentals.

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      • Aapl is toast. How long do you think they can sell the same products and in volumes? They came today with the same old iPad, double the price. They'll fallow mot, NOK, palm and rimm.

      • Tech -Are you an idiot or do you just hate money? Apple's decline has everything to do with fundies and sentiment. Apples guidance was horrible, forecast missed and comps sucked. It's time as a growth play is over - same thing happened to msft, cisco, dell etc

        Whether anybody on this board likes it or not Amazons story is about market share , margin expansion and revenue. Until that paradigm changes long AMZN. At some point the bubble will pop, much like with Apple, but that could be next month or next quarter or next decade.

        In a melt up you just ride it. This hits 300+ by friday

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