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  • threedeedong threedeedong Jan 31, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

    The shorts will be screaming tomorrow in agony

    Nasdaq futures up big, looks like AMZN will squeeze the millions of shorts in this stock.

    Any time there are this many shorts in a stock its going to SQUEEEEZE hard.

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    • What's your definition of that many? There's only 7.1 mil shares short of 454 mil outstanding. 1.5% short ratio is really low. There are less shares outstanding in float, but short % of float is still less than 2% at 1.96%. Check your numbers #$%$.
      Regardless, you really won't see a short squeeze play out with this ratio.
      You are more likely to see a large drop trigger a panic of selling. than a short squeeze. See what happened to NFLX in 2011.

      If you want to see a short squeeze look into coal stocks, those companies average a short ratio close to 15% Look at ACI and ANR.

      Herballife is at 30%!

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      • You left out the short squeeze that went on in NFLX. That $70 move was not because of wonderful earnings, it was because of the 20+ percent short position going into earnings. Jay was right in saying no short squeeze here. Every message board has people like you that post about fictitious short squeezes. You really should learn what a short squeeze is before posting. I would pay more attention to the fact that every MOMO was hit today AMZN, PCLN, CMG, and NFLX. If the market dips at all these will fall from grace.

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