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  • saltairian007 saltairian007 Feb 3, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Like it or not, Bezos' strategy is unwavering for more than a decade.

    Bezos' strategy has long been known to the investing market, having disclosed it over a decade ago as "‘we’re going to be unprofitable for a long time. And that’s our strategy." Now, he has steadfastly followed it and the MMs and hedge funds and major players have bought into his strategy. Like any stock there has been ups and downs along the path. Like any successful stock the general direction has been up.

    Like Berkshire Hathaway's Buffett, Amazon's Bezos is a respected figure, and, more importantly, a success story. I don't want to say the comparisons are on all fours, but they're more evident than the differences. In my opinion, I see their growth philosophies in the balance sheets of their respective companies.

    That's my opinion. What's yours. And please no ad hominem attacks.

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    • Not quite sure what you mean when you say you see their growth philosophies in the balance sheets. Amazon's book value per balance sheet is $18/share. Given that 2012 net earnings were $0, the difference between current share price of $265 and $18 value of net assets is all future earnings expectations. Berkshire on the other hand has a share price slightly higher than book value and earns gobs of money year after year.

      I really don't see the similarity.

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