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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Feb 9, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    Dont you find it odd that when tax receipts are down and in what should be the most austere of timez that....

    munis, states, and corps that lose money hand over fist are flush with low interest rate AAA bond debt?

    How are they goung to pay this back?

    What happenz when the muzak stops in the big game of refi musical chairz? By 2015, the highest grade of comapniez, and munis 1) wont be able to Pay the debt plus low interest. 2. Wont be able to refi it in the frozen debt market... China simply wont let them and russia and iran arent going to line up an help em out.

    Since the stock market near all time highz iz 'forward looking' (actually its just a scam mechanism to transfer wealth from the many to the few), it will see this 'black swan event' (even though its az plain to see az any ol run of the mill white swan) many many months before this event happenz and will roll over with sheeple being the most positive and complacent... BOND BULLIEZ will be the next crisis bad guy boogymen, and right fully so, they will be the idiot banks and financial institutionz that were bailed out with bernanke bux at high moral hazard and will fvck the public by raking in their tax payer assets for 40 cents on the dollar... They will only do this after they pump the markets and write az much bond debt az humanly possible with a robot to generate cash and stok feez....

    When the markets freeze up and the to big to failurez refuse to write bondz they will tank the markets and win (again).

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    • since owebammas gonna read another speeech full of lies and catchphrases for the reeeeetardz they wait a few days or a week before starting the plunge since the reeetardz have short term and long term memory defects from watching tv and beleiving mainstream news propaganda

    • Hey Sybs,

      I year or two ago you were saying we get a parabolic run on the S&P to 1650+ before the big crash. At the time I thought you being over dramatic but now I'm think it's a possibility. You still hold that mind set? Not that this bull saves AMZN, the trend is still down. It will just be a slow descend instead of a fast crash.

      Wrong board but..... NFLX is collecting shorts for another short squeeze isn't it? I'm out of that trade and waiting for another bone crushing squeeze.before easing into it. - PJ

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      • nflx iz in the 'return to normal' phaze brought to you by band waggon shorts, crack head optionz traderz, and hedgie bots.... It can collapse at any time without warning... Why???because 'buy, hold, write puts and squeeeeze' 'for an extended period of time' fido iz not in this time... Its just quick hit hedgie bots and bandwaggon shorts shooting each other driving the pig flix stok. Sybil haz pig flix dropping to 135 short term and topping out at 207 (61.8% fibberonacci retracement line), or just running to 207 to kill the maximum amount of shorts in a single run before collapsing... In any event - sybs haz it bk in 2015 ....

      • PJ,

        sybilz range on the s&p iz 1700 on the up side and 450 on the down side:

        175:1075 = 7:43 oddz

        Place your bets, but bet wisely because the shorting the parabola can take you out the friday before the monday you are found to be correct.... And ' timing ' a parabola can be even more fool hearty.... Thats why optionz svck cox.... Sheeple just dont understand that markets cannot be 'timed'.... Although sybil did put down some 'timed' bets on friday by ramping up some shorts for a swing trade, which sybil rarely doez.

    • You are right.
      Most of the “Stimulus” money was spent on life support to states and cities near bankruptcy (so they could maintain their bond ratings and continue their overspending for a few more years, and get through the next election cycle). They should have been tightening their belts. But government employment is as high as ever, and higher in some places. When the stimulus and QE money dries up, the panic will begin.

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      • yes .... Sybil imaginez that that quarterly water & sewer bill that costs 100.00 now will in 2018 cost 400.00, and that toll road that costs 10.00 to travel down now will cost 50.00 in 2018, that pirt authority bridge at the veranzano the costs 8.00 now... 40 in 2018...

        Chex will be made payble to an entity created by partnerships of morgan stanly, goldman sax, citi bank, jp morgan, and you will be able to buy a publically traded security from fidelity ..... Az theze idiots split up tax payer assets.... Amzn warehousez will become the Morgan Stanly distribution centerz of america, and gm carz will be a wholy owned subsidiary onez of bank of america.... Thats if theze idiots actually make it through the bankruptcy filingz.... The chex might just be written directly to china, or that will be the reason used for the bond bulliez to be given thoze aformentioned assets ...

        Sybil can just hear the 2016 campaign slogan paid for by bank of america now... "candidate smith - he would sell american assets to china in a sweet heart deal, vote for candidate jonez - a candidate for a better america"

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