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  • blust35442 blust35442 Feb 12, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    Obama and Bernanke have proved you can print money to prosperity

    Look at the stock market. It is almost in historical high. Can't wait to see Obama's state union address.

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    • mostly for the benefit of Warren Buffett while at the expense of some machine worker in Iowa. It's merely separted the haves from the have nots to an even greater extent. Obama is beyond hypocritical in his policies: he's an elitist who spend too much and the USA is burning the wick on both side: Fed balance sheet ballooning along with out of control spending. There will be a huge price for redirecting the welath back into the hands of those who create asset bubbles. Most people were better off when prices were lower. It's the very rich that Bernanke's policy benefits.

    • the irony is that when the us economy collapses in a few years due to owebamm/bernaker over printing fake $$$ all the clueless sheep dolts that voted for owebamma will be rioting in the streets wanting their welfare checks,

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