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  • nemesis_editor_2007 nemesis_editor_2007 Feb 14, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    When did that previous cycle occur? he asks...

    "Cash flow from operations 2010 blah, blah..."

    Huh? 2010? Why did you cherry pick that timeframe I wonder. Cash flow and income are not the same thing btw.

    "When did that previous cycle occur?"

    If you have to ask me, then you never did any of your due diligence to begin with. No wonder you're racking up the losses, and displaying your ignorance about expansion cycles in broad daylight for all to see. You simply do not know what you are talking about and have never lifted a finger to inform yourself.

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    • Again, what are the cost drivers for Amazon's business model. How have those changed since the last "investment cycle"?

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      • If Amazon has foreseen the changes and built measures into the current cycle why would anyone care? During the last cycle shorts were also saying "it's different now". It didn't work out well for those shorts. They suffered heavy losses. Not only are cost drivers different, but the way Amazon does business and the kinds of things they are trying are very different. Their track record shows that they are quite adept at incorporating the changing features of the entire business including cost drivers into their expansion plans. Shorts, on the other hand, have a miserable track record based on second guessing management and supposing that Amazon would simply implement a rigid carbon copy template of the previous expansion cycle's plan. Do shorts come any naiver than this?

    • Cash flow and income are not the same. True. Income is much worse...

      I'm simply trying to pin your general BS down so I can dissect the misinformation you spew.

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