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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Feb 14, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    Tech, sybil cant help notice dog sheeeeit AA flying following sybs purchase of it, while dog #$%$ INTC goez fvck in nowhere

    "why?" you may ask. The answer being simple: because sybil doesnt waste time on BS fundiez. Sybs just readz a fvck In chart - it takes 2-5 minutes. AA will be MUCH higher in 3 weeks, and sybil will cash it in.

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    • Congrats Sybs. I want you to make money. But, I'll stick with fundamentals. They don't matter until they do... That date is way sooner than most think.

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      • Tech, fundiez wont even matter during the comming crash az EVERYTHING gets sold first and talked about later... This bull sheeeeit idea of "diversify to safe haven dividend payerz" that tgeze gobbledegook yakity yak talking fvck in headz will promote az we begin to pull back will be blindly slaughtered along with every pig...

        Here are sybs 'safe havenz':

        Food, shelter, clothz without the need to borrow to get them

        Hunting equipment

        Dry goods pantry

        Ability and land / water resourcez to grow and can food for a family

        Shorting stox

        Shorting all currenciez

        Shorting all commoditiez

        Ability, weaponry and land resourcez to hunt, field gut, clean dry and salt both small and large game

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