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  • ajmanieri ajmanieri Feb 16, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    At the rate the put OI for March is going . . .

    this stock is almost guaranteed to be over 275-280 by 3/16 . . .

    I remember seeing GOOG chart look really bad about 1 year ago, similar to AMZN right now - and it broke out to the upside . . .

    short with caution kids . . . held up well IMO for this opex - if there was real selling pressure should have gone lower to re-test 260 or under . . . in the end put sellers had to defend the 265 . . .

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    • AJ:

      Frame of reference is critical. You are using the wrong one (which is exactly why CapWorld tanked a great investment to support a scam IMHO). BTW, GOOG's fundamentals rocked the entire time. It is a GREAT tail risk hedge. Amazon is a tail event waiting to happen... But, all you who believe price is truth are going to learn the hard way that it is not. Current prices represent the current state of mass psychology, not the truth. And, CapWorld has played CNBC and the analyst community in epic ways (I don't believe they are actually in on it... many have lost real world perspective, but some are simply incompetent and/or not intellectually honest like the MS analyst).


    • ajmanieri you always seem to be giving a one sided warning to bears when you've only been here for a couple of months. The warning should be to you as you missed a huge 4 years run up in it or were posting under another ID. So save your repeititve BS.

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