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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Feb 19, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    techstrategy? now we get Sbyil's posts about the power of Bernanke's money? is this a revelation to you bears?

    now you will see this clown seeing the light of Bernanke's printing. What a total clown. unbelieivable BS from this fraud. good night. I will hound his #$%$ to the end of time here for being such a uselss clown. Heck, I know I have more money that that uselss POS. He doens't even explain his short thesis to being long the SPx the next year. That should matter to anyone who followed this fraud. I'll bet him anytime anywhere .. I've more millions thatn this clown.

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    • Sybs plays technicals. I focus on fundamentals. As I said, before the end of 2013, Amazon will have to alter the T&C of its relationships with customers and vendors alike. There is no value here... it's all a trading scam so when the SHTF, this will lose most of its market cap. The printing hurts Amazon's fundamentals... at some point you and others will wake up to that reality, probably somewhere about 180....

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      • Tech,

        How much ' value ' did you assign to dotbust tech stox in 1998? Or how much iz a holland tulip bulb worth in 1473? How about kennedy's bomber jacket? Or a chunk of space rock from a meteor that blew up over russia? You will be slaughtered in your puts with your mindset on valuing the valueless . Value iz found at the end of a crash, and you must dig through the rubble to find it.

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