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  • osulinn osulinn Feb 22, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    It is not a bear market, it is a fair market,,


    AMZN to 150..

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    • osulinn: "It is not a bear market, it is a fair market,,"

      O.K. You made a statement. Stick with it. Don't whine when AMZN goes up against your wishes like all shorts here do.

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      • Actually, it is the market with the greatest agency issues in the world. The objective function is trading profits using other people's money (and the taxpayer's through indirect subsidies) rather than allocation of capital to the highest return investments. But, the required flow to feed the beast has grown too large. Decades of excess value capture over value creation by Wall Street IS the source of our nation's problems (and the Fed's complicity in trying to preserve a dysfunctional and unsustainable system

      • Work on your push-ups. I'm out of my shorts but have done nothing but make money short here.

        granted I am not doing it with incredible conviction but I am generating alpha as they say and helping to hedge a net long portfolio with what i consider to be extremely overvalued, due for a pullback stocks like this one.

        That's just being smart, that's all.

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