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  • sybil_lives sybil_lives Feb 22, 2013 5:18 PM Flag

    14,000 on the nose?! Looks like the whole dow jonez industrial average iz tied to weekly optionz

    Optionz are absolutely killing the markets.... Between debt, money printing with lack of moral hazard, and refusal to regulate the scam markets, the upcomming crash iz gonna be MUCH, MUCH worse then '08. If we are lucky, the s&p will tap 450 and stop dropping, if not then we enter anothergreat depression where 90% of the market iz lost which would put the s&p between 150 and 170... What the fvck iz bernanke thinking? Its obvious that fed policy can control the market.... Any sane fed would have stopped printing money anywhere between 650 and 1200 s&p points which would represent a reasonable 6-8% return compounded yearly for 35 yearz. An s&p of 900-1100 would actually match the current economic recovery that we are in today ASSUMING it holds. The only thing ben iz doing by printing here iz GARAUNTEEING another bubble and a far more damaging bust complete with global financial and political instability.... For a smart guy, thats one fvck in idiot right there.

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