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  • geegenjar geegenjar Mar 1, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

    Survey: Is Techstrategy Deranged?

    If you think techstrategy is deranged, vote thumbs up.

    If you think techstrategy is NOT deranged, vote thumbs down.

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    • What do you think, folks?

      Vote now, if you haven't done so in the last several months.

    • Techstrategy is complaining again that because his posts are critical of AMZN/Amazon, he can't respond to other posters' posts. Do you really think he's not deranged?

    • geegenjar: Have fun while you can. Remember folks like you were #$%$ in your pants in 2009 and any economy based on paper profits and not on creating real value suffers in the long term (see zimbabwe). The real question is how do you create jobs and economic value for the 20% of America that is still suffering from the economic crisis.

    • Read techstrategy's recent posts and vote. His condition has gotten worse.

      • 1 Reply to geegenjar
      • If by condition you mean my determination to see justice done to those who have manipulated this stock (and AAPL's in the reverse direction to enable a massive dumping of shares of overvalued AMZN/MOMO #$%$ onto index tracking ETFs thereby screwing retail which increasingly relies upon them), then you are correct.

        The market manipulation that has led to this valuation is a scam that dwarfs Enron. The collateral damage from what is being done is orders of magnitude greater. As companies like INTC get HAMMERED for commitments to productive investment in cutting edge manufacturing capacity, companies like AMZN get rewarded for investing in redundant, value destroying distribution infrastructure (because we do not have enough...). It would not be happening but for the float jam manipulation scam that systematically suppresses the value of real investments and inflates bubblicious MOMO scams, all to extract scalping profits from those who realize the disconnect in valuations on each side...

        Keep talking smack Geeg. Once the AAPL/GLD knockout trade ceases, the Fed POMO will be inadequate to maintain this scam and AMZN will crater. The fundamentals I have commented on will play out and what I have said will become clear to all...

    • Just a little too far ahead of what will happen here, that's all. The pain I feel is trivial compared to what is coming on the long side...

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