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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Mar 4, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    and look at the latest explanation of why AMZN moved against techstrategy: yep, he's got it all figured out: except how to make money

    "The price action has moved against me because a certain long was extraordinarily trapped and made some rather brazen moves (which should get some nice sunlight in due time...).' yeah, that's it you have data of some one trapped making brazen move Monday afternoon QB!. An explanation of everyting but you can't make a dime on it or your after the fact QBing. Techstrrategy is starging to crack mentally. Sybil gone. The shorts from last July are losing it or lost. lol!

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    • Sybil has actually been prevented from posting. The censorship of intellectually honest thought taking place these days is extraordinary, but the groupthink that pervades this stock and the market at large is going to lead to catastrophe in due time.

      I'm not remotely starting to crack pal. Apple cannot be used as a source of funds for the quants for much longer, because it will reverse. Once it does, Amazon is headed south...

      I am done responding to your childish attacks... You are running out of time....

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      • why doesn't Sybil just make up his 100 th ID like every other time he's banned for bering a fraud, putting up fraud trades. He even gets gullible clowns like you believing him. And yes, you are losing it bigtime. You have an explanation for everything but losses in your account. . That sums it up the best. Yeah, any minute now,I'm running out of time like going back 8-9 months with you saying the same damn thing lol! If that isnt' the boy crying wolf example , there isn't one around. I can't believe you actually believe Sybils'fraud games. You are a bigtime clown techstrategy. bigtime.

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