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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Mar 5, 2013 1:13 PM Flag

    shorts are defeated : not posting today: techstrategy is fatigued and gutted by his AMZN losses

    it's weating him out.

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    • Nooo don't stop posting, your posts are the most insightful and full of knowledge on this board....

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      • Kenji:

        I'm serious when I say that this #$%$ has to be stopped. People have no idea the systemic fragility that is is causing. All the pundits talk about the market as monolithic. It is not. Real companies engaged in value creating, productive investment are systematically hurt by the algorithmic trading/option scalping scam. Float jam scam MOMO companies are lifted. The collateral damage is a strong disincentive for business models that depend upon productive investment that enhances productivity and creates value in favor of those that engage in value destroying revenue growth (for the MOMO play) or trading (which simply redistributes from one party to the next). When our capital is directed to that which destroys or redistributes, the LT impact on the domestic economy is clear...

        I have statistical analysis of multiple expansion/contraction as a function of earnings growth, revenue growth and institutional control of float that I am working on packaging. Control for sector level effects (with restaurant or retail for example) and use some event modeling (as in, when did these stocks get weekly options) and you see some rather interesting patterns. I may lose my tail on this, but I will not rest until some justice gets served (I get to use my econometric modeling skills).

        My posting will diminish. But, my commitment to exposing this scam for what it is grows by the day. And it seems there is now a forum for directly addressing the market structure float jam scam....

    • Nope. Just watching as the AAPL/Scamazon trade reverses, just in time for MOMO players to get crushed in Amazon they way they did in AAPL. Difference is AAPL ahs a floor due to cash and real economic fundamentals. Amazon doesn't. This will be the Enron of the 2010's...

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