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  • beauty.seeker32 beauty.seeker32 Mar 14, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    Ol' Syb must have made LOTS of $$$ Today on Shorts

    Congratulations, Syb!

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    • No. She didn't.

      According to her claim, her average short price is about $264.

      Based on my estimate, it's more like $256.

      In either case, she didn't make any money, unless she covered all at 263 and change near the close which is highly unlikely.

      • 1 Reply to geegenjar
      • Geegee you, dummy .... Sybs average short cost iz 264... You can calculate all you want, but sybs MASTER MARGIN POWER TRADE ACCT spits it out when sybil iz on the full platform.... You are right, sybils avg short iz not 264, it iz 263.7882...... Sybil rounded and you caught sybil in a lie.

        You are also correct in that sybs didnt cover any yesterday. Sybs may do so at 180 ish - a small 20% of holdingz qty to attempt a swing trade around a core postion before it drops to 120 and lower..... Ooooor, perhaps sybil coverz none and only adds on 30% risez from a large fall support area with new found gunpowder that will be generated in copious amounts az this pig iz TANKING.

        Youre a funny dummy geegee.

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