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  • orlando333444 orlando333444 Mar 21, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    Why does anyone listen to analysts anymore?

    Do trees grow to the sky? I hear their not making dirt anymore(from the Real Estate bubble selling land and houses). This stock is way overvalued and all the analists still have over 300 dollar price tag on this stock. The book value is 16.00 and even if they make the earnings goals, they are still way overvalued. They still don't make much of a profit at all and I don't think they ever will. Why do other companies get punished when they miss by a penny. The analists don't make any sense. Mark my words..there are two kinds of companies....those with problems and those that are going to have problems. Amazon is in the latter. Sell the stock or short it in my humble opinion

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    • AMZN going down to $100 - for a company with negative EPS and a slowing growth. Also it seems like they are trying to become a cloud/web service company. That would require a lot of capital investment.

      On another note, this past week I checked for items on Amazon and compared the prices at Walmart and Target. Guess what, Amazon is no longer the cheapest price retailer. Both Target and Walmart had better deals.

    • I don't care what the analysts say. But I wouldn't short until either the stock or the company, at least one of the two is broken. Stock looks like it is almost broken. We will see soon I guess.

    • You have to understand the analyst motive. It is to make money for the investment banking business. No amount of regulation or seperation will ever fix that. It is why they exist. They need to pump a stock just prior to a debt offering, equity offering, a big investor dump, or mgt dump. You knew AMZN was about to offer a large debt offering when all of the price targets were raised on 3 straight terrible Q's with awful guidance (check who pumped the stock vs. which companies managed the debt sale). They had to pump it in their notes becuase they were out on the street marketing the stock like crazy to potential debt investors. Then once day you wake up and $3B of nearly free money flowed to AMZN.

      This also enables large momo investors to unload on the suckers buying prior to the debt release. Once the deal is done they can let the air out of the bag (what is happening now). Watch how quickly they run from this pig after the drop, and then it will start all over again when AMZN needs more money (probably by the end of the year), the problem is the trick does work too often, like the boy who cried wolf.

    • Hey guys, keep the secret... Please... AMZN is going to the dogs.. Please keep it between and me just a while little longer. Bezos has run out of tricks. Economy is going to the antarctic. Internet taxes. No P/E. Ebay poaching. No earnings no nothing. plenty of hype. Long term interest rates on the rise. On and on. Again, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease keep it within yourself. It is a big secret. Europe in recession.. AAPL is going to dogs. AMZN will be ahead of them. shhhhh please don tell anyone.

    • No Profit in 2012 even though they were gouging the heck out of 3rd Party Sellers and had the “Tax Free” advantage in most states.
      Tell me again how they will have no problem generating profit whenever they decide to?
      It’s somewhat ironic that AMZN skrewz 3rd Party sellers to the point of “Max Pain” similar to the way institutional holders skrew option buyers to the point of “Max Pain”.

      Sentiment: Sell

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