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  • ex.goldbug ex.goldbug Mar 26, 2013 5:26 PM Flag

    It all depends on Cyprus & Europe, REALLY

    Cypriots run on banks & contagion spreads to weak parts of Europe--market down bigtime
    If no runs or no spread to Europe--market OK.

    Worst case may be keeping the banks closed on Thursday, or if Cyprus leaves euro like Paul Krugman suggested

    Place your bets

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    • Not really, ex. The cyprus story iz too visible to be teid to an immediate crash. The crash to come wether it be sooner or later will be followed by a US domestic story thus far untold and unknown by all, including the fed. but the story will come to full light following SEVERE damage in the markets only to exacerbate an already nasty crash wave thats in full play. Vsybil doesnt know the story for sure, but knows it will come from unaccounted for risk built in the artificial market run up. Sybil imaginz it will be tied to ine of many possibilities. Here's a few catylysts including but not limited to:

      Forced end to the fed support of the markets by foriegn buyerz of treasuriez insisting on a higher risk rate of return

      Skulldugary in the easy money corporate bond underwriting markets

      Skulldugary and banking shananaginz in the otb derivativez and counter party markets that bet on the blow up of the bond markets

      Skullduggary and banking shannaniganz in the etf izization of the american markets which use derivativez and swaps that will not be honored in the full force of the coming market collapse

      Skulldugary and banking shanaganz associated with underwriting unsustainable muni and state bond debt that iz currently being rated 'high grade' debt which wont be paid back

      Finacial War and / or Foriegn espionage / attack on a weakened US financial system

      Catastrophic acts of nature or god on a compromized country with weakened infrustructure and compromized financial security

      All out collapse of the USD and removal of it az the world reserve currency

      There are many many more risks unaccounted for or underaccounted for in the US markets, but rest assured that what every the 'story' behind the collapse, it will be a surprize to most, will most likely be under played when it starts, and when the drop starts will be very very sudden.
      Now that being said, cyprus could be a story that leadz to the beginning of the end for the EU and western markets as BS was to L

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