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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez Mar 29, 2013 7:31 AM Flag

    Sybil haz an amazing prediction for todayz action

    Flat w/ no volume.

    Well, if helicopter ben (havent heard that in a while outta cnbc) iz up in the chopper today then maybe we could even ring a few more points of of the s&p even on a day like today. It would be any more scamish then any other day. Sybs seen stranger thingz in these markets.

    PS ..... Tech, Although sybs givez you high gradez for effort and drive, typically smart people dont run around telling otherz "i am smart, even in defending themselvez against irrelavent idiots like geegee.. On that note Sybs iz admittedly a run 'o the mill plain 'ol dummy. The only thing sybs can say for certainty iz that sybs not a 'follower', nor really a 'leader' for that matter.... Sybs iz more or less chotic nuetral.

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    • Sybs:

      Agreed. It certainly wasn't typical of my responses to GeeGee's nearly incessant personal attacks. I chose my words poorly, but am tired of being nice/politically correct with GeeGee, whose IQ isn't close to any of the shorts on this board, including me.

      A more proper framing would have been that while I have been wrong about the timing (the manipulation has far exceeded what I thought would happen, because of the market wide confidence game and but mainly because CapWorld was up to its eyeballs in scam stock and was desperate not to let it tank after Q3 earnings), I have been accurate in all of my fundamental calls (competitive moves by Best Buy. Target, WalMart, Google; impact of gasoline/shipping costs and average order size on profitability, etc).

      The reality is that your strategy in fighting this scam has been much better than mine. Mine worked very well with NFLX, GMCR, and CMG. But, the market wide scam squeeze (because we really are nearing the end game) that has taken the VIX below pre 2007 level has made owning puts during this period extraordinarily painful. The folks running the casino decided to go "all in" on a failed strategy (because their only goal has been inflating nominal asset prices to prevent banks from having to realize losses, but it cannot work because of constraints that many of TBTP are blind to because they live in the financial economy and not the real one...). It will end very badly for them (and now for all of us), but it certainly has inflicted a lot of pain on me in the interim...

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      • "whose IQ isn't close to any of the shorts on this board, including me."

        Since only someone with a zero IQ could think that his having started shorting Amazon at $180 and the stock being now over $260 to have been a "smart" move, then this would mean that G's IQ is well above your zero level.

        "competitive moves by Best Buy. Target, WalMart, Google; impact of gasoline/shipping costs and average order size on profitability, etc)."

        Yeah, Best Buy pricing products below cost is surely a sustainable strategy that shorts here can count on. And so is Target and Walmart's forcing shoppers to drive to stores to pick up items when gas is priced so highly.

        "The reality is that your strategy in fighting this scam has been much better than mine."

        Thanks for being honest here and alluding to the true failure of your "strategy" for once instead of trying to claim that having started shorting from $180 was anything but a dumb move.

      • Tech,

        Not to scare you but this 'rally' could hang between s&p 1350 and here- 1700 'for an extended period of time' with sole purpose of killing optionz. Just like fundiez dont matter on the up side of a market scam they dont matter on the downside of a market panic sell. The bottom line and what sybil haz said for yearz now iz that the market only looks to do one thing:

        Transfer wealth from the many to the few az efficeintly az possible

        That being said there iz still gazzillionz of dollarz to ring out of scam etfs and bozo optionz traderz by killing optionz of all types on time and volitility decay, while the fed manufacturez bernanke bux at alarming rates 'for an extended period of time' to prop it all up....

        Each time wealth iz transfered its always a different way of doing it.... The 90's easy greenspan money to worthless tech stox and the nasdaq run by none other then bernie madoff, with an enron kicker at the end.

        2006 - 2008 rmbs, swaps and bad credit while we fight 2 warz and bush sayz use your credit cardz and go shopping and on vacation - support america - take on debt

        Now - high speed compu bot trading coupled with the option / derivativez loaded etf izization of america coupled with a MASS of bernanke bux while the rest of the globe melts in america's export of its self created financial mess. There'z so much other material related to the bond markets that sybs could write here but wont. From when we crossed 1250 on the s&p and up , there haz never been so many risks and gamez in any financial market in all of history.

        In none of theze situationz do fundiez of stox come into play or trump the sole purpose of the markets. Thats why sybs implorez people to stay away from optionz and learn market machanics over fundiez. Sybs hasn't read a balance sheet or listened to a conference call in YEARZ az it iz a pointless waste of time.

        Good luck bro - youre gonna need it... Sybs just gonna KISS it and stay comfy short 'for an extended peri

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