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  • techstrategy techstrategy Apr 2, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    Another AAPLtrage save...

    Look at AAPL selloff just as Amazon was about to fall below SMA200 on the 1 minute... They continue to try to use AAPL as the source to prop all this. It will be fun to watch the AAPL earnings squeeze and the MOMO garbage get dumped from there on out... No way in the world MOMO #$%$ outperforms AAPL in Q2. The trade is already massively overextended...

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    • It is painful to watch over and over again.

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      • Funny thing is that a real investor with a sizeable position in both could abolutely bury (and I mean permanently) whoever has been playing the AAPLtrage game here. The risk/return is so skewed on both AAPL and AMZN that they could sell $ for $ straight through whatever is attempted to be bought. They could do it all the way up through AAPL at $500 and AMZN below $200. But, they could effectively exhange all Scamazon shares with intrinsic worth of somewhere around $100 for AAPL which is reasonably valued and has huge downside protection from its huge cash hoard...

      • This dynamic will not make it through AAPL and AMZN's earnings this quarter. Funds will be scrambling to dump AMZN and buy AAPL throughout Q2 and the rest of the year. If you think AAPL fell hard when it lost momentum, AMZN will be a sight to see...

      • Except one day, when no one is expecting it because everyone has become so complacent, a real investor is going to decide to up to its entire position and buy AAPL because the relative valuation is so absurd. It will likely happen at Apple earnings. They'll need capital to buy shares and exercise the call options. It will have to come from somewhere and AMZN/momo scams will be the ideal source.

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