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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez Apr 2, 2013 4:43 PM Flag

    Dont try to 'time' aapl or amzn with optionz, tech

    Robots can hold a trade pattern for 'an extended period of time' specifically to kill optionz... Sybs would go long NOTHING here. Its all gonna get murdered. Nothing oz worth longing minimum upside reward for a mountain of downside risk az the markets sit with its toez hanging 10 of a cliff.

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    • Sybs:

      I generally agree. But, the only way they can keep the S&P in place for an extended period of time at this point is to sell MOMO scams and rotate to real investments. IV is too cheap. And option volumes are low because no one trusts the MM anymore. It isn't just trading volumes dying. It is option volumes too. They've tried to use Benny's money to hold it in place, but the higher it goes, the more capital is required. AAPL short interest at multi year highs. Amazon's at lows. Same disconnect everywhere. It is no accident. The real investments have been hardened.


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      • "I generally agree. But....."

        Thats all sybs seez az critcle in you excerpt, tech.

        That 'but' iz gonna cost you big, bro....just trying to help you out as the vix collidez with sungle digits and both ypur puts and callz errode away.... Az you can tell, mkt tops are a dragged out affair. From this several deductionz can be made:

        Markets have do, and will top out

        You cant 'time' tops or bottoms... They are simply wealth transfer events... Only know that theyust occure in the spirit of The Scam.

        Fundementalz are essentailly meaningless in the name of the wealth transfer game

        As many option traderz and levereaged etfs az possible will be rung out before the turn

        We essentailly have another 6 months of topping, a year of decline, followed by 6 months of a crash wave dude.... During the actual market decline it iz garaunteed that optionz will be obliterated. Only unlevered traderz of the underlying scam like sybil will survive and beat the mkts.

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