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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez Apr 3, 2013 7:33 PM Flag

    Now tech iz starting to understand-he's no longer saying "except for intc" (or some other pick on bs fundiez)

    "Which is complete hogwash. Almost all USD denominated assets (cash, stocks and bonds) will lose value in real terms. All of them. It is just that MOMO stocks where all of the BS value is in the tail in growth that isn't coming because of real world constraints will lost 70-80%+ of their value over the next 2-3 years. Amazon could very easily become insolvent (it really only grows working capital, not true discretionary FCF so any systemic shock that stopped sales growth for a few months would create severe cash flow problems... Add to that the cash held in European tax haves that may end up confiscated and the always looming possibility of oil shocks...).."

    They will ALL get slaughtered . ALL paper will be slaughtered. Russia had all the oil, gas, and natural resources it needed, which still didnt prevent its collapse in '89.... Out of which came a better russia until now - - the putin era of government backed oligarchs.

    Out of a us economic collapse will come a better US until the politicianz and money mongeez fvck it up again... But mind you that on our current tragetectory we will collapse down much farther then upside remainz.... That you can take to the bank.

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    • True tech for now, but energy independance and safe gaurding criticle natiral resourcez will be the basis of a sustainable recovery following wall street and the banking system being reset in a wash out. People, including sybil, will be much kinder and more apprecitive of the simple thingz just az they were in the hardships of the 1930's... All that needs to remain in tact iz the constitution w/ 3 independant branchez of governement that suports life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and we'll be just fine.... Back to the fundiez we need to go.

      "Despite all the rhetoric you hear about oil independence, you never hear the "price" of oil at which we might achieve independence. It isn't going to be lower.... NAS is wrong."

      True , but oil, amzn, and the entire pumped up markets will be heading much, much, much lower to adress the pure hate and disdain built into amercan market scamz..... The best dayz are behind us for a while, but from the pain ahead, bankerz will learn a trade, and the US will emerge strong, independant, with less medling in world affairz.

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      • Sybs:

        In the process of launching a company that will produce liquid fuel (gasoline fractions) from lignocellulosic biomass (wood, corn stover, etc -- rather than food). Been proven at small batch scale. Need to get to continuous process, but unlike all the biomass plays to date, the math will work when we do. While Geegee jerks off papertrading and mocking others' trades, I'm trying to shape that better future you are referring to by mobilizing real entrepreneurs to tackle fundamental challenges.

        Unfortunately, the collateral damage in QE has been undermining productive investment in attacking hard problems. Risk free return from trading games, front running the Fed and share buybacks have trumped real innovation. When people have to take real risk (and actually create value, rather than essentially stealing from others), we'll start to see this country recover...

      • Oil isn't going much, much, much lower. Amazon is.

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