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  • nasdaq_6000_baby nasdaq_6000_baby Apr 11, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

    So I check in Sybil continues to be ground up like hamburger in thsi market! lol!

    no matter what he says I know he's getting clobbered if he's short as he says he is.

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    • At an avg short position basis of 265 - sybs not being ground to hamburger, and considering sybs average cover price will be significantly less then 120 a few points az it wafflez from here to there at theze pricez really doesnt matter... Sybs heard all the same trash from shorts and longz of nflx too in 2011, at the pcln and cmg highz in 2012, but in the end az a short trader sybs haz averaged and paid taxez on 12% gainz in 2012, and 18% in 2011.... All while the fiat bitcoin markets have risen to the moon... In 2013, 2014, 2015 here'z sybs compounding targets az a short trader:

      15% in 2013 az the market completes its topping process (15 % iz alwaz sybs target)

      35-50% gainz in 2014 az the market crash gets well under way

      And 50-65 % in 2015 az the hacks that created this bubble realize that there'z nothing they can do to prevent a fall worse than 2008-2009

      2016 - 30% off a nice run in the markets off an s&p 450-575 bottom...

      2017 - 15%-30% : again on the long side and in silver

      2018 - 15-20% on a roll over from s&p 1100 back down to 800...

      2019-2021 - barely anything az the markets will be hated, restructured, and will hardly move

      2021 - 2035: 15-25% / year on the long side secular bull market that awaits az the irresponsible boomerz die off and the unsustainable debt default iz fully resolved to prepare for real growth and a secular bull run similar to 1983-2000....

      Sybs iz fully confident that it willplay out like this .... Why? Because thats what the charts say..... Will sybs "time" with a nonsense big bet - no.

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