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  • ex.goldbug ex.goldbug Apr 20, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

    Can anyone make a case for Amazon trading above $150, or even $100?

    Even if we assume 10%+ earnings growth? With stocks like Apple and Intel trading below 10 PE?

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    • all about momentum, AMZN will crash 60%-80% like
      SBUX,ZOO,CMG,NT, and other scam companies
      JB can not sell dreams for ever one day he will have to pay the bill!!!

    • Very simple: Wall Street Gangsters.
      They decide what happens to stocks, not us.
      Go with the flow and watch the tone of headlines - they will be your cue.
      Look at GE and HON price action: both beat and both warned about Europe. Actually GE beat EPS and Rev but HON missed Rev.
      Look at Pepsi: missed on Rev and even EPS outloo is lower than estimates by 5% - well you know where the stock is headed!
      Just watch similar companies and read the articles carefully - you will notice which is being supported and which one is being bashed.
      Forget the fundamentsls, follow the WS gangsters

    • i agree with you that amzn is absurdly over-valued and i've asked myself how could a rational investor buy at this level. that being said, amzn has a few things going for it:
      1) strong global brand that is trusted
      2) incredible rev... they did 61b last year and, while rev growth is slowing, they will likely continue to grow rev. if they can figure out a way to squeeze a few more % points out, they could turn some nice profits. i doubt they can as customers will likely leave in the face of higher prices, but that's my opinion.
      3) they created some incredible businesses... most recently aws, kindle...

      does this merit $150... i don't think so and i guess the stock will crack this year... i only hope to have a boat load of puts when they do.

      question for you ex: what do you think will cause the stock to crack... and when do you guess it will happen?

    • Skiidady, will you explain why this stock is cheap? Do you accept the "Challenge"? Looks like your Intuitive Surgical took a big dump last week. That surgery robot they have makes mistakes, apparently. How many CMG calls did you have?

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      • stinky Jr., try reading what the brokers think of AMZN for starters. The WORST price prediction is 244. Only the dim lightbulbs on this board are predicting anything lower. Try to do some reading on security valuation to help you understand what you are doing wrong. What "challenge" are you referring to, realtime trading??????? I don't think you want to try that again, better stick to telling tall tales like Sybil's avg. short at 265...............

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • From Yahoo Finance, last 6 months:

      Insider share purchases: 0 shares

      Insider share sales: 1,177,630 shares

      Insider Confidence (not).

      Mr. B will have to spin some magic to keep this aloft, it would seem. Meanwhile we have taxes, economic slowdown, new cloud competition etc. to pull the other way.

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