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  • caselpnad caselpnad Apr 25, 2013 4:22 PM Flag

    How is this company worth $125B????

    If this is not a sign of a bubble, I have no idea what is. It's margins continue to compress and it has never been able to generate any real income to support its valuation. I just don't get it.

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    • Case at point. Today move was fantastic for longs at the 275 dollar mark. They are too greedy if the did not turn their calls valued at 1.30 into 4,000 dollars. Nothing, I repeat nothing especially something as imperfect and speculative as amazon and its kindle and its online amazon green grocer is a sure shot. There will be those who, in this volatile market, will be happy to lock in their short term gains of 2-5 pts tomorrow before the turnaround back toward 275 commences. This exact pattern happened just two weeks ago when amzn peaked at 284 and then came back down to earth. Don't you recall that the 275 calls ended up valued @ zero come options exp? what i am writing here will all be a moot point come Friday afternoon June 28. Good luck.

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      • Unless the cartel wants to run it to new highs on the back of the overall market. Remember, the cartel always controls AMZN in the short term, especially when the macro backdrop of Fed and global easy money are the tailwind. Bad news is the new good, and a slowing GDP means less taper, if ever.

        The macro economy is in freefall, on the back of China slowing and recognizing the prudence of the slowdown.

        But AMZN is the poster child for the FED induced mania, and that despite Bernankes kabuki theater, is not likely to happen on his watch. And if Janet Yellen gets the job as an Obama plea for more women votes in 2016, the FED will be even easier on her watch. Imagine that.

        AMZN will fall hard when the US market ultimately cracks. It will be spectacular. But I do not think it is ready for the crash yet. A push to new highs seems to cause more pain and is the path of least resistance.

        We will see tomorrow.

    • This is surreal, I'm not a basher, I have no position in the stock, but this valuation is absolutely nuts.

    • You will never become a member of "The Bernax" boyz klub. Value is meaningless. Earnings are meaningless. Fed Balance Sheet is meaningless. Only Printing the deficit, ZIRP-ing the Debt, and Euroswaps have meaning.

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      • Excuse me, earnings are meaningless? Well what if the Kindle gets cloned in Peking? and it fails to ingnite the sensation of the Iphone or the Ipad of which I don't know if there has been a clone? Then you have a damn rignt conundrum the like of the Nook. I still read books. Nicely bound and aestically
        assembled and you can put a marker or a note or a picture at the point where you left off. Or at some important spot. It is a highly personal experience. It is a unique exchange between the author's state of being, his mind and soul, and that of yours. What you think is doomed to obsolescence is no more due to be discared than Shakespeare or the guitar or the violin or the physical drums themselves. Come back and check the aesthetics in 5 years. There will not be a completely
        Matixified World. There will still be bookbinding and ;pictures and art. It is part of our persistent genetic motherboard. Indeed. You can try to make a device of speed and convenience but you cannot identically duplicate the experience and the tactile purity of turning the pages of an art book or an art magazine. Sure it's new, But that's where it ends. It will not rule the art world. Not yet. Ciao.

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    • And They BASH aapl every day . 24/7..... GO FIGURE Fraud WS......

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