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  • flighttoquality9 flighttoquality9 Apr 25, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    Earnings Drop - AMZN goes up - The Emperor Has NO Clothes

    FWD p/e of 77, earnings decline and the stock goes up - unbelievable. What is warranting such a premium?!? I don't get it.

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    • Here's my take; Amzn did dump 1000's of kindles on the market to take USE away from say AAPL. They expand their online digital content, so they can compete with NFLX and AAPL and Barnes n Noble/ far Borders is gone, Barnes is close, and with the improved watching content NFLX may take a hit, but more Kindles or a set-top box is needed. AMZN music is better in my opinion to AAPL's store, but like AAPL, getting people hooked is a long and hard road. Once AMZN gets people hooked...the profit margins on Dig.Content is HUGE, so the current multiple on this company is with that expectation drive revenue and earnings, will it happen one day? who knows? Sure AMZN doesn't make much margin on the physical #$%$ they sell,...but for the market place sellers, they make 15-25% on every transaction. 15-25% for doing nothing but letting people sell their own #$%$! Plus, those sellers can store their #$%$ at AMZN (for a fee)...AMZN has already created the warehousing for their own stuff so they're getting paid to store their own stuff. All-in-all, AMZN is making money with the HOPE that one day this magic switch is flicked and they then traunce their competitors because of all the future use anticipation, the big question is how long, and will that switch ever get flipped! I have no positions, and never will

    • Isn't it amazing?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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