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  • radar_the_kat radar_the_kat Apr 28, 2013 8:05 AM Flag

    I can't fully express how happy I am


    to see the market begin to come to its sense regarding the value of this low-margin distributor. There's just no way this company should be trading where it is. More like $40 - 60 per share and even at that level it's a speculative bet on the future.

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    • The market will play this as long as it can be played. No news is bad news for AMZN right now; thus it will keep going up as long as there are suckers to buy it. It has been going up for a long time, when resistance builds against more buying and the statistics tells the big traders and their algorithms that there is more to make to sell short than to buy long; the "unpredictable" dumping happens so fast that no "retail long" can recover fast enough; your money in the end belongs to them no matter what. Yes, if you are lucky, some of you will make money, but in the end, more lose than gain; that is the only way wall street can get richer; with your money! I would not touch a stock like AMZN when fundamentals don't support such a high price /valuation but it keeps going up; obviously it is manipulated by folks much bigger than you and I. Short or long, you will lose money, unless you have a crystal ball.
      In this manipulated market, always be long with stocks that their fundamentals are sound; their balance sheets are clean, and their income statements are not "made up" to look good. Good luck!

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      • Sure but almost everything in this market is overpriced relative to economic conditions. The one with solid fundamentals, usually, are dead money with little movements and could even be in a down trend like Apple. The market [that I'm aware of] has become a casino for the big money to speculate more so now than ever as long as the FED got their backs, ironically, on the backs of the working poor and tax payers. You will loose money, if you're in this market from the outside. Period. I'm keeping a short leash on all my trades or don't trade at all waiting for el droppo. I'll let them pump this up some more, than I'll short. I know that the end is near once the average Joe are back in this market due to FOMO.

    • Enjoy your short. I will remind you to cover when this hits 300.

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    • When companies that PRINT money like Apple are in decline, imagine how strained the patience of big investors is on AMZN. They have some very profitable business units, yet a number are very unprofitiable.
      The two cancel one another out. They intend to spend even MORE money on unprofitable ventures, so the profitable sector, which is merchandise sales, will eventually see competition.
      Imagine if EBAY chooses to create an international warehousing of goods to copy Amazon? It will destroy Amazon, and if its not EBAY, it will be Google or someone else.

    • AMZN = hope of a rosy future, far far down the road. Want proof? Earning has been on the decline for the last two years. The company has been in operation for 25 years and still cannot pay a dividend because it did not make any money in 2012. At 255/sh, there are still a lot of believers out there...of one day going to paradise to enjoy 1000 virgins!

    • I share the same opinion. AMZN has been OVERPRICED for quite a few years. Investors are just realizing it...
      As the price decline accelerates, more investors will join the ones who harbor a NEGATIVE sentiment with respect to this stock. Just look at Apple - investors and analysts LOVED it at 700/share, raising some estimates to over 1000. Now that it has fallen to 390, they are ALL negative and hate the stock. This is what is going to happen to Amazon. Just wait and see...

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