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  • rgis_schedule_al rgis_schedule_al Apr 29, 2013 8:47 PM Flag

    Can't be squeezed out of longer dated put spreads, unlike a short position

    Shorts can be squeezed, and often are. Longer dated put spreads, potentially worth $500 and $1000 by October, can now be purchased for under $100 each. By October, if not before, this stock will be below my strikes with 95% confidence. If not, my losses are limited to the spreads. Shorts losses on the other hand, can be huge if wrong. Shorts need to be monitored closely, and can cause excessive worry. I don't worry at all.

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    • Example?

    • Optionz are for crackheadz that enjoy thingz like Russian roulette. You have no business in optionz unless you control a statistically significant portion of the float backed by a battery of robots that can calculate by the nanosecond capable of gaming the greek variablez while steering the float at will.

      Reasonably shorting a pig allowz you to average up without worry of 'its gotta go down by oct' or whatever crackhead expiry being chosen. You can cover at will (which sybil haz no reason to) instead of being routinely murdered on option expiry day at the money only to find your bet waz correct one trading day later (coincidence?).

      Option crackheadz have a false sense of security with their 'limited lossez' arguement as they routinely lose 70-100% of their bets az they continue to plunk their money down for 'that one big score'. Optionz crackheadz and levered etfs that use optionz coupled with a mass of bernanke bux to the robots have fueled theze scam markets ... The funny part iz when the markets actually crash, it will be optionz and derivativez that fail to pay presicely when they should pay a mint . Contracts will not be honored in the comming crash, they almost weren't in the last one, but bernanke paulson and geitner viewed goldman and several other 'banks' too important not to pay. This time those nasty derivativez will blow up az the govenment standz by helplessly after firing its 50 cal money printing machine gun for 5 yearz straight to prop up fake markets.

    • You sound like a seminar option trader who echoes the strategies an instructor taught. I hope that he had taught you well and make sure you also take the next advanced option strategy class. By then, you'll know the effect on implied volatility, delta neutral trading, and paired trades. Until then, use your option strategies wisely because all you have is probably knowing how to go long on verticals and selling covered calls.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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