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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez May 1, 2013 6:08 PM Flag

    "FB haz more value than amzn", and stok X iz worth more than stok Y.... Bla bla bla

    What all you idiots dont get iz that publicly traded common stox, all stox, have no value at all . They are valueless digital credits whose sole function iz to serve az a proxy to transfer wealth from the many to the few as efficiently az possible. A stox only value iz what the bone head or bot on the other end of the wire will pay you for it at the nano second that you want to sell it monday - friday from 9:30-4:00 est and in thin volume pre and post market hourz. This excludez holidayz and never includez nights or weekendz. This makes the rather liberal assumption that the markets are functioning properly free of circuit breakerz, phlash crashez , and hacking. Outside of theze conditionz, stox have 0 value. They arent insured, you cant eat em, you cant burn them for heat (although you used to be able to when they were paper certificates), and they wont provide you shelter. While some companiez may make money for their ownerz, stox of those companiez are actually worthless.

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    • And the same thing can be said of the "charts" and other "technical" mumbo jumbo vis a vis "stocks" that you quote from time to time, i.e. such are worthless inventions of the figment if the chartists imaginations. In fact, it seems clear that the very concept of "stock charts" was created as part of the scamming process that you speak about. Yet, you imply that "stock chart reading" is "legit" while stocks themselves are not. Hmmmm.

    • Sorry Sybil, but you are being disingenuous. Sure there is an arseload of manipulation as you would put it, but some stocks pay dividends to shareholders ,and as a shareholder, you are an owner of said Company, albeit a small one, and therefore have some value.

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      • "but some stocks pay dividends to shareholders":

        which can be and have routinely been reduced, removed , or eliminated without notice. there iz no warrant stating that a common stok holder iz to be paid a divy. A divy iz a value trap to suk baggiez in like sticky tape to a fly

        "and as a shareholder, you are an owner of said Company":

        Ownerz of a company get their stox free, people that pay for them are not ownerz - they are bag holderz of executive compensation packagez.

        You have been trained well sybils sheepy friend. The only thing you left out iz:

        "Buy, hold, and add the dips, stox go up 8% / year for ever and ever" (notice that they refer to indixez which routinely drop out stox that fade away into bk, while they add the next hot thang.

        "Follow the green line, turn here" , "buy buy buy - ding ding ding " "back up the truck, you need to get in the game"

        Sybs knowz and understandz . Its hard, az the brain washing of sheeple in finance far surpassez the campaignz of germany'z joseph gerboels, marborougho cigs, and deberes diamondz. So sybil understandz that this may be painful. If you tske the blue pill you can stay in the matrix and live out a 'normal' life, sybil offerz you the red pill but you see cruel reality

      • No you are not part of an owner of any said public company even you own its stocks. Try going in and grab a pencil and see if they would call the police on you.

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