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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez May 1, 2013 8:47 PM Flag

    Sybs just did a read of many charts and findz the following short in mid term prediction:

    While nothing haz technically failed on the major indeciez, they are completely exhausted. As such the dow transports went lower a month ago, divergent with the dow (dow theory - check). The S&P haz gone through two mini flash crashez in the last 3 weeks, and the daily RSI haz been decreasing for 2 months az the S&P index haz put in divergent highz on a falling MACD and RSI. the NYSE breadth of stox putting in new highz haz been falling after reaching stretched levelz even az the major indiciez have been rising on extreme weakness with volumez that lack conviction. Finally, follow the pigz.... Az you are aware, they've all stopped putting in new highz and have been under distribution by ceo insider salez and robots alike. The FADSCANz, CANDIEZ, the momo's of this run et al have failed to put in new highz and some have been, are currently, or will be very soon absofuckinlutely BLISTERED. So here's sybs call:

    The s&p will head to 1350-1375 while amzn headz to 175 over the next 6-8 weeks. We will likely bounce from there to the 1530-1560 range on the s&p with amzn remaining flat at the 175 level to possibly bouncing to the 227 high end (short this if it happenz) by the end of july, august will be choppy, but you'll find that the market highz are a fading memory az we move into 2014 with markets getting dicier bur hanging between 1275 and the 1400 range until in mid to late 2014, all heeeellllll breaks lose where markets, muniez and banks fail with no bailout protectionz . Repubs will point at demz, both will point at the fed, and the globe will point at the US az markets drop to 450-575 on the S&P.... It will be uuugly. At this time amzn will be trading at 20.00, nflx will be bk, crm will be bought for 2.80 a share, and many stox will be burned, blistered and buried.


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    • This may be the dumbest post good old Sybs has ever made.

      Posted in May, calling for AMZN to go to $175 and the markets to all crash

      LMAO at him yet again!!!

    • You know what I mean? Sybil is one deranged woman.

    • And yet, the indexes are up today. No exhaustion today, at least at this precise nano-second. Time to throw the charts, RSI, MACD, and all the other backward looking "voo doo" out the window.

    • This is just plain arrogant garble-de#$%$. "Charts" become what they are due to the one's who have the money to move the stock up and down at their own discretion, period. These same folks can arbitrarily change how the "chart" looks on a dime. You are thus claiming to be capable of reading their minds based upon some mumbo jumbo interpretations of what "the chart" looks like until this moment. Again, "how it looks" can change on the whim of the moment based strictly upon the thoughts of the one's who move the stock. Thus, your "technical analysis" comments (as well as everyone else's) should be thrown in the toilet since you have no clue what the "chart makers" are thinking.

      My read on what you are trying to do is to try to prove to your readers here that you are the #1 stock timing guru who knows how to read into charts and thus predict what's going to happen "soon" (however one defines "soon."). Reality: You have no clue and neither does anyone else posting here. Just look at some of your recent similar comments that made similar claims whereupon the stock did not follow your so-called analytical conclusions. Did you ever have the humility to come back on here and say "Well, I was wrong about that 'chart read' interpretation of mine..." No, of course not. You just fagetaboutit and move onto your next new chart-call. The question is, why does one such as yourself have a desire to try to paint yourself as some kind of chart-gazing guru to a bunch of total strangers on a message board? What is your end goal in making such silly chart-read calls to the message board folks?

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      • "My read on what you are trying to do is to try to prove to your readers here that you are the #1 stock timing guru who knows how to read into charts and thus predict what's going to happen "soon" (however one defines "soon.")."

        Sybil haz repeatedly railed against "timing" the markets. Sybil iz not a 'day trader', sybil doesnt attemt to shoot with the accuracy of a bush master rifle, sybil shoots with a shot gun and rarely missez. Sybil developes a well founded thesis and bets responsibly in the rigged game around core principlez and disciplined practicez. Again, Sammy, you will learn and come to be a believer in the sybil wayz.

      • "This is just plain arrogant garble-de#$%$."

        Sammy iz still a non believer of the sybil Master Chart Read within a secular bear market. He will come to believe, he wants to believe, but for now he still doubts. Sybilz chart readz are anything but random az they are fully explained and supported in sybilz posts. So sammy, please continue to listen to cnbc, study those fundiez, and listen to the ceo/cfo conference callz, for they are far more credible. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaa you will learn.

    • Interesting predictions. I am quite bearish the overall global economy, for many of the same reasons you point out. Bitcoin stocks, 2 mini flash crashes, the global search for anything with a yield, and the incessant reckless printing of the FED and the global central banks,

      I believe the AMZN scam has started to unwind, as evidenced mostly by the break in money flow, and may hit 175 in the next 6 - 8 weeks.

      But I am not so sure as to your timing and overall levels for the SPX as a whole. The central banks are all in. If not 85 billion a month, then why not 200 billion a month.

      Until there is a major commodity shock to the markets that forces the central banks to stop printing, I do not think we will see the doomsday scenario as a whole. Individual stocks like AMZN will fall out of favor, but a new scam will be the recipient. As long as there continues to be reckless money printing.

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      • "But I am not so sure as to your timing and overall levels for the SPX as a whole. The central banks are all in. If not 85 billion a month, then why not 200 billion a month."

        This is a very false sense of security and here's why:

        Az the US pulls its index fingure down from high in the air after saying "we're number 1" and points it accusingly across the pacific at yellz at the slant eye saying "chicom currency manipulatorz stop beating the US at capitalism", after we thoughly stuffed the banks of our friendz across the atlantic with #$%$ securitiez and put their banking system under with moodys AAA rated trash az the same ratingz agenciez down graded their gvt debt fvck in them in the ars hard and enduring a lasting depression in europe, only after we thoroughly picked apart the middle east across 10 yearz, and putin with an ax to grind from senile reagan and bush #1 declaring victory over hiz 'evil empire' which just happened to be putinz beloved kremlin and kgb in '89-91- well after all of that , we should not be surprized when one of theze months any or all of theze partiez fail to show up at the next 10 year t- bill auction for a measily 1.5%. They may just happen to charge 6%, and invert that nasty yeold curve up on its head. Then if the fed prints more, they may just carge 12-15% to loan to the US treasurey, print more and we become kieser germany of 1918, print more and we turn into zimbabwe. Get it? Nobody iz gonna help the guy at the top of the heap when playing King of the Hill.

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