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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez May 3, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    Look out over yonder from the hieghts of a mkt blowoff top


    Hark! Whats that sybil seez.... Baggiez being rounded up and loaded up with rocks before being pushed from the cliff. and across the valley far below - what iz that? That would be a sea of blood and guts from millionz of dead crackhead put buyerz.

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    • Sell when the euphoria is here. I see every where from top to bottom people is touting stock is the best place to be in, the FED got your back, economy recovering, and other BS. I sense that the top is fairly close by. It scares me since there is no permanent plateaus since everything is so out of whack and will eventually reset at the expene of extreme inflation or severe deflation take your pick. All this "paper" wealth will be gone to the delight of WS insiders who I believe could secretly cashing out their long positions opening up their short now or very soon. US has lost the AAA rating, it's the dollar that could soon be loosing it's status as currency king. It's crazy, yes I know. But with all these debt money, one day, people could wake up and face with massive bank holidays due to loans defaulting everywhere. All of the plastic will seize to work and what's left is cold hard physical cash or PM for bartering. Austerity, such a dirty word.

    • Even a broken watch is right twice each day, idiot.

    • not yet somewhere around 1650-1710

    • Sybs,

      It sure looks like a classic blow off top, but it maybe a few days before we know for sure. I was watching the carnival barkers on CNBC this am and they were getting all warm and fuzzy about a 15K beat on the jobs report, like unemployment had come down to 5%. You remember when 400K jobs was a GOOD jobs report!? They sold this today like Cabbage Patch Kids on Christmas Eve....they will be worth 24.99 on the 26th of Dec. - PJ

    • Sybil, you need professional help. Kids are laughing at you.

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