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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez Jul 3, 2013 7:58 AM Flag

    Bots got the premarket back in check with a 281 x 282 bid ask to prevent a pre market stampede

    The fido amd cap world bots wait till the open before hacking up yesterdayz SUPER PUMP BLOWOFF TOP buyerz with machetiez. Its gonna be a blood bath down to the 250'z and then the fun really starts az bagholder resolve gets squarely tested with lots of talk of a 'runup into end of july earningz' (or lack thereof in the case of the scamazon ponzi scheme). Theze idiots at amzn are running out of money in that their cash burn iz astronomical, and running out of time in that they are 80 dayz in arrearz on payments to service providerz. Another 10 dayz of hold back on payments and they will be in '90 day delinquent' status, often in considered az default in common accounting . Maybe a new highinterest junk bond offering in the making???? Too funny. What a scam, plain az a hook nose on a goldman saks juze face.

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    • sybil, i always thought u are genetic anti-semite.

      but i didn't realize until recently u are also on Putin's payroll

      syb, u know what some kids do to idiots like u? they send swat team to your home. just for fun.

    • First of all, you are a blatant racist anti-semite. A number of your earlier posts have shown that, and this latest tirade is just the most blatant. And though I have no interest nor the need to refute your inborn hatred with facts, one could if one wanted to simply ask you if you bothered to ask all of the floor traders and fund managers who run the stock market bid-ask system how many of them are Jewish. I venture to guess that the vast majority are of other religious persuasions. But no matter because facts don't change inbred haters like yourself.

      Second of all, as far as AMZN is concerned you really don't present anything novel here with all of your posts that I've read. You portray yourself as one who knows something that nobody else knows is true as far as the company's fundamental situation is concerned.

      Third of all, as far as the performance of the stock is concerned, nobody other than the funds who control most of the shares and cumulative monies knows where the stock is going to go at any moment. Yet, you post here and imply that you know what is happening or what is going to happen right now or "soon." But wait! When challenged, you then claim that you don't really know. But if so, why all the posts about what you claim is going to happen in a matter-of-fact style?

      Finally, you flat our lie. You said you were going to stop posting until the stock went to $245, but you came back and posted relentlessly anyhow. What is your point in lying like that? And why should anyone believe you if you can't keep your word?

    • what stampede are you referring to? they couldn't wait to buy and run it up this AM. At least, call it what it is.

    • Sybil, you sound sad. Even you don't believe what you're saying. We can tell that. You know you're in trouble . . . big trouble. Unless you liquidate your AMZN short immediately, you will lose your house.

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