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  • sybil_rulez sybil_rulez Jul 16, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    Sybs lookin reeeaaaallllll hard at this pig and well..... Its tough for sybil to say, but ..............

    It looks az though its wearing a purdy shade of lip stick, kidz. This thing could ROCKET up on its current tradgectory and s-s-s-slaughter the staunchest of bearz .... This pig could roll short subs over on sybs fuzzy bear belly a fvck ol sybs right in the stink hole - no grease. The last run up hot ol sybby purdy hard, even though subs traded in bunchez of scamazon for piggy pcln... Sybs max upside read of the scamazon charts actually puts a f- f-f-four hundred and 20 dollar handle on it if it continuez to run, while sybs analysis of pcln puts a max upside on pcln at 1010 if it gets saucy, but it could be topping out here.... Dont get sybs wrong here, it aint like sybby suddenly turned into some sort of raging bull on scamazon, but sybs solvancy iz more important then sybs pride, and the thought of taking an additional margin short 37% hit on top of last weeks action just makes sybs shutter (bbbbuuuuuurrrrrr! A cool wind just blew through on s hot day)..... Sooooooooo kidz, sybs gonna trim back someore scamazon and trade it in for pcln shorts at some point this week..... Hate to leave the staunch basherz feelin abondoned 'cause sybs hates this pig az much az anyone and haz a $300 k bone to pick with this #$%$, but there'z pride and then there'z solvency' preserving and making money.... And right now there'z an arsload of cabbage waiting to be had shorting piggy pcln

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    • is this some clever reverse psychology to shake the bulls?

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      • "is this some clever reverse psychology to shake the bulls?"


        Sybil would say yes to that strategy, If sybs didnt go titfortat covering scamazon and shorting pcln. Pcln, killed all existing shorts in a monumental run 10x off its low trend line, same with pigflix at 304, scamazon where it sits iz only 5.3 pff ots trendline, and hitting its parabola....

        Ultra Large cap aapl went to a piggy 5.73 off trend when it hit 705.

        Sybil wasnt counting on money losing scamazon hitting a 'gap trap and murder shorts parabola'. Since scamazon's market cap (market cap = robot hot potato risk) iz less then behmouth aapl but far more than pcln and pig flix, sybs expects scamazon to land between 6-7x off trend before crashing... Which could push this pig to 348- f-f-f-four hundred and t-t-t-ttwenty dollarz. That would KILL shorty sybil, that parabolic rosk haz already been tealized in pcln az it murdered its own shorts . Pcln iz a much more rewarding / promising short right here.

        Its all in the charts - fundiez do not matter az you can see in every pig stok ranging from aapl to znga

      • thought you were going "silent" . SHows how believable you are. It really does.

    • so after a year of being bearish, ( all fake in my opinion) , and $100 + runnup against those fake postions with no stops, your're now putting 420 targets, that's higher than WS. What a scam, bull #$%$, artist you are: anyone who followed you got their face ripped off. Sound like capitulation of your part in AMZN. Please put up your cover tickets so it can be included with this note to the SEC. A lot data going to them.

    • sybs - you are the weak handed short that you despize.

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      • "sybs - you are the weak handed short that you despize."

        Sybs despisez crack head optionz traderz and robots that lack moral hazard stuffed with bubbly bernanke bux. While on the other hand sybs picks mercilessly on weak handed shorts. Now dont confuse sybs with a weak hand, here. Sybs iz being practical by trading dollar for dollar, short coverz in scamazon to add to a short position in piggy pcln. Bsybs also got 285 picked to add some pig flix.... Just a little....

        Pumperz can rejoice in that scamazon haz delivered a NASTY blow on the sharez ol sybby has short, but they must know that 2 months from now when this pig iz good and blown off and ALL shorts shorts here are dead (and they will be), sybby will pile in HARD. Sybs routing for this pig to go to sybs 420 target now, but if not then sybs feelz much more comfy in pcln which haz MASSACRED shorts and crackhead optionz buyerz indescriminently.

      • He's a fraud you dummy

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